About Me



It all started when I was 13 and I found my Dad's old Canon Rebel covered in dust tucked back in a closet. My first photo on that camera was of a family pet, our black cat Willie in our front yard. As soon as I heard the click of that first shot, I was hooked.

Throughout high school I taught myself the basics of photography, while exploring portraiture, sports photography, and still life photography. 

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising, with minors in Fashion Media and Photography at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tx in 2016. At SMU I fine tuned my craft, while growing and learning all I could about photography as an art form, a historical movement, and my life passion. 

I have been a photographer for nine years, and my work ranges from fine art photography to lifestyle to engagement photography. I aim to create images that capture the true and authentic essence of the subject or moment I am photographing. 

I love people, I love to travel, and I love to capture real and honest moments.